On the bright side, popcorn futures are up

The Democrat front runner is a self-admitted-yet-somehow-unindicted mass felon, who wouldn’t even be eligible to hold office if anyone got around to convicting her. Her main competition (who is polling ahead of her now in some states) is an admitted socialist who apparently is unaware of the 20th century USSR.

The Republican front runner is a serial mass abuser of eminent domain, has been pro-victim disarmament, and has contributed to the Dem front runner. The runner up is a guy who believes constitutionally guaranteed rights should vary by geographic location; and he’s actually one of the better (read as: less bad) options.

The Libertarian declared field includes a guy dressed as an 19th century soldier in his campaign bio pic, a woman who believes in faith healing, an actor, a guy who thinks money is not needed for a campaign… Oh well, I gave up on the LP after they ran Bob Barr.

America is fucked.


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