Treat guns like abortions?

That’s what this moron says. Let’s see how that would go.

Minors could arrange gun buys through their schools without parental permission. Schools would hand out free ammo and conduct firearms safety classes. Gunnies would come in to convince you to consider their personal shooting techniques and implements.

No waiting periods (except state by state). No age limit.

Or we could treat abortions like guns. By federal law, there would be age restrictions on who could get an abortion. You’d have to fill out an intrusive form describing your general criminal and medical history and habits every time you want an abortion. You’d have to tell them your race and ethnicity. If you make a mistake on the form, it would be a crime. If you mark ‘Y’ instead of fully writing out ‘Yes’ your abortion provider could lose her license to operate. Don’t forget to bring your official government-issued photo ID.

Then you’d have to undergo a background check, which the feds could arbitrarily stretch out for three days. If they make a mistake, you have to go to court to get your abortion rights restored.

If you have a criminal record — felony and some misdemeanors — or a history of mental health issues, you wouldn’t be allowed to get an abortion. No procedure for dope smokers either!

On the state level, you might have to get an abortion license in addition to the above requirements. Only certain types of abortion procedures would be allowed. Strict limits on how many you get. The most effective techniques would be banned in New Jersey because they are effective.

You might be allowed to have an abortion, but only in your home.

You’d pay punitive taxes on your abortion, ostensibly to pay for the state and federal databases tracking all your abortions in perpetuity.

Some places would ban abortion clinics outright. And be cheered for doing it. Businesses would post signs banning you from their premises because you had an abortion.

Bloomberg would fund an astroturf group called ‘Moms Demand Action for Abortion Sense in America’ armed with fake statistics and blatant lies. Schumer would call for you to be added to the federal terrorist watch and be forbidden to fly. McCarthy would confuse your vagina with a shoulder thing that goes up. Up where, I don’t want to know.

In fact, a lot of right-to-lifers would consider that ‘sensible.’


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