Weird, AND dumb as a box of rocks

Porn scam prompts Macon woman’s call to cops
The woman, 34, told the deputies that the link claimed she had broken the law and would have to pay a $500 fine to have her phone “unlocked.” The deputies checked an FBI website and learned that such scams were not uncommon. This one, according to the deputies’ report, claimed that the woman would have to pay a penalty because she was supposedly watching child pornography.

Look, you idiot: Just because a pop-up appears doesn’t make it so. Do you believe everything you read on the Internet? Well… probably she does. Likely even clicks the pop-up buttons to download malware.

But the kicker?

The woman said that wasn’t true. “She was watching pornography,” the incident report noted, “that consisted of sexual acts between animals and humans, but not child pornography.” (emphasis added-cb)


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