Windows 10: Reason # eleventy-gazzillion to avoid it

Windows 10 won’t run games with SecuROM DRM, says Microsoft
While Windows 10 is largely good news for gamers, it turns out that those with a collection of older games laden with DRM copy protection software are going to have a hard time getting them up and running on the new OS. In an interview with Rocket Beans TV (as translated by Rock, Paper, Shotgun) at this year’s Gamescom, Microsoft’s Boris Schneider-Johne explained that that Windows 10 won’t be able to run games that use SafeDisc and SecuROM technology.

No, not that DRM-bricking. That’s eleventy-gazzillion-one. Frankly, DRM tends towards evil, so it’s hard to get worked up over that (of course, I don’t have any of the verboten DRM games; YMMV on that).

Eleventy-gazzillion is this:

“Everything that ran in Windows 7 should also run in Windows 10,” said Johne, “There are just two silly exceptions: antivirus software, and stuff that’s deeply embedded into the system…

Yeah, they’re killing third party antivirus protection. Presumably that leaves you with MS’ own AV, which in previous versions of Windows has been less effective, with fewer and less comprehensive updates, than third party stuff like Avast! AV. If you can’t beat the competition, brick ’em. Kinda like when MS killed ZoneAlarm, then the most popular third party firewall in the world.

That “stuff that’s deeply embedded” would worry me, too. Is that stuff like third party disk defrag? Unapproved DLLs? UI interface tweaking tools that make Win semi-tolerable for some people?

Friends don’t let friends use Win10. But if they do, medicate them. Drugs are safer.


One thought on “Windows 10: Reason # eleventy-gazzillion to avoid it

  1. wdg3rd September 29, 2015 / 11:40 pm

    I have one Win 7 partition, so I can argue with Comcast about bad service.. I’ve been running a Linux shop since 1992. Aside from my Radio Shack classics that boot Microsoft BASIC from ROM. Oh shit, one does boot Xenix, the Microsoft licensed port of version seven Unix. But it’s not networked so it’s not vulnerable. Aside from a serial connection to one of my Linux boxen so I can do backups with uucp (there might be three or four others in the NYC metro area who remember how to configure uucp, most current Linux users don’t know it exists just like most Doze users .


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