At least one person in Oregon had guts.

And brains.

Hero emerges from Oregon college shooting
According to his family, Chris Mintz didn’t run away from the gunfire. The army veteran charged towards the gunman instead, trying to protect his classmates.

“Tries to block the door to keep the gunman from coming in, gets shot three times, hits the floor, looks up at gunman and says, ‘it’s my son’s birthday today,’ gets shot two more times,” said his aunt, Wanta Mintz.

Mintz survived the shooting — but spent most of the day in surgery.

“Just give them what they want” is horrible advice, especially when all they want is you dead. It sounds like Mr. Mintz was smart enough to understand that, and brave enough to try despite the odds. Makes you wonder how it would have turned out if some of the other 30-odd students had helped.


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