Nationalization For BY Dummmies

Why we should just nationalize Facebook
I have a modest proposal: Let’s nationalize Facebook.

“I have a modest proposal IQ.”

Fixed it for you.

Obviously, I’m no fan of his basic premise: that any nationalization is a good thing. But I tried pushing on to see what point he thought he had. I lost it when I got to this:

At first blush, it seems weird to claim Facebook is a natural monopoly. There’s no physical infrastructure it has to lay down. It’s a web application — all bytes and electrons — so if someone doesn’t like the way it’s run, they’re perfectly free to start their own. (emphasis added-cb)

WTF does he think those bytes and electrons run on? What does he think the Web is<? I don’t think I’m going to take tech and economic advice from a clown who must believe cloud computing works in real clouds. Does his Internet get faster during thunderstorms?

And for a monopoly, there sure are a lot of alternatives to Facebook. Heck, this blog is my own alternative.


2 thoughts on “Nationalization For BY Dummmies

    • Bear October 13, 2015 / 10:28 am

      I think he’s serious; it doesn’t read like satire, just stupidity. (I fixed that URL.)

      This guy has also written seemingly serious columns about how rhubarb batteries will save the world and how Germany’s move toward renewables improved their grid. The former is a lab trick that might actually come to something eventually, but latter is pretty damned funny to anyone who kept track of how Germany had to stabilize the renewable supplies with fossil-fueled co-gen.


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