Nicki’s right

This does explain Social Justice ‘Warriors’:

For male howler monkeys, that trade-off is an unusual one. The larger their vocal organs, a new study has found, the smaller their testes and the lower their sperm count. The research has been published in the journal Current Biology.

The resemblance is stunning. The SJW howlers are generally effeminate and loud. They attack ideological opponents and are sometimes rewarded by SJW females shrieking harpies with attention or affection. They don’t have the intellectual strength, self assurance, or the testicular fortitude to approach and have relationships with real women, so they choose to screech, howl, and holler in order to attract the kind of woman who appreciates the ability to compensate for weakness with bullying, cowardly attacks – mostly from the safety of a keyboard.

Read her whole column.


One thought on “Nicki’s right

  1. wdg3rd October 23, 2015 / 4:32 pm

    Funny that Tor authors and editors are the main screeches. Seven out of the ten nominees for the 2002 Prometheus were published by Tor. I voted for The American Zone but Kingsbury’s Psychohistorical Crisis took the prize. One of the better years for libertarian SF.


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