Wait… A what environment?

-scratching head-

Notre Dame Academic Coach Forced Sexual Liaison on Student: Suit
A male student at the University of Notre Dame claims a female administrator pressured him into a sexual relationship with her daughter, according to a lawsuit filed Friday against the prestigious Catholic school.

OK, odd, but.not right.

The suit alleges the student, who is black, was subjected to sexual harassment and racial discrimination by the defendant, who is white.

Umm… The white woman racially discriminated against the black guy by setting him up with her own daughter?

[T]he university employee, an academic coach to student athletes at the St. Joseph, Indiana-based school, was “commanding, directing, encouraging and convincing the Plaintiff to engage in sexual relations” with her daughter.
[S]he “immediately” coordinated the relationship, the suit added, going so far as to provide hotel rooms and condoms for them.

How racist of her. But wait for it…

She also allegedly tried to pressure the student to convert to Catholicism.

I admit I don’t keep up with all that stuff, but doesn’t Roman Catholic Church still officially frown upon premarital sex and contraception?

The university was aware of the hostile environment that the administrator was creating for black male students (emphasis added-cb)

‘Hostile environment’.

I can hardly wait for the defendant’s response.


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