Oh, look. The Atlantic is lying again

Hillary Clinton’s Bid to Counter Gun-Rights Voters
Twenty percent of Americans say they won’t support a candidate who doesn’t back stricter gun laws—but twice as many gun-rights backers say the reverse.
In fact, it’s already the case that there are a good number of Americans who treat gun control as a central litmus test for political candidates. In a Gallup poll in October, 21 percent of voters said they would only vote for an office-seeker who sought stricter gun laws. Another 59 percent said stricter gun laws were one of several issues important to them. That’s a pretty big group. (emphasis added-cb)

No, that is not what the Gallup poll said.

“A smaller 21% of those who favor stricter gun laws say they will vote only for a candidate who agrees with them.” (emphasis added-cb)

21% of one small subgroup differs considerably from 21% of all voters. The Gallup page doesn’ teven specify what percentage of all voters want more gun control. But what’s reality to The Atlantic?


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