Recently, an acquaintance went offline when her computer died. I had an old spare laying around and I offered to ship it to her. Fortunately, another person was located close enough that he was able to deliver a computer to her door first.

When she let me know my box wasn’t needed, she mentioned that she’s donating her old computer (once repaired) to another RKBA worker whose computer died.

And here I sit, through an odd concatenation of events, with piles of computers. Old, slow computers, but sufficient for email and word processing.

We need an exchange service for freedom lovers; something like FreeCycle for liberty activists. I suppose you could just use FreeCycle, but it’s organized geographically rather than by common interest.

Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Free(dom)Cycle?

  1. mamaliberty2014 November 9, 2015 / 5:28 pm

    I can see some kind of exchange for laptops, batteries, accessories and the like, but the technology is advancing so fast that other old computers are worth far less than the shipping, I suspect. I have two monster TV type monitors, and I can’t give them away even though they work just fine. Worse, I can’t even THROW them away. There is no way to get rid of computers here, except to sneak out late at night and abandon them in a gully or something. Minus the hard drive, of course…


    • Bear November 9, 2015 / 5:46 pm

      Yep, I was lucky that when my last CRT monitor died, I lived in an area where I could put it out with the trash; the company handled sorting.

      Someone who really needs an emergency backup for email and word processing doesn’t necessarily need a newish computer, and might appreciate anything they can get their hands on for free. If we network well enough, shipping could be off the table. In the case above, someone happened to live close enough to take it to her door. Maybe someone in my town can use some of my stuff, but simply doesn’t know I have it. That’s what I want to fix.

      FreeCycle could do the job, but with a liberty-specific service, I can target recipients that do things for our benefit, and it won’t devolve into a Craigslist. Maybe you’ll be able to get rid oof some of that stuff that’s crap to you.

      I’m in a discussion with some folks; we may make this happen.


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