This is worrisome

Deputy too drunk to receive Mothers Against Drunk Driving award
But in Florida, a 4-year deputy being honored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for making more than 100 DUI arrests was too intoxicated to pick up his award.
A 274-page report on the deputy’s behavior indicates he and two other officers went to the hotel pool, where they drank alcohol instead of attending DUI training.
Szeliga said the training was not necessary because he was being transferred out of the DUI unit. He now works as a detective in the sheriff’s crimes against children unit.


While in the DUI unit, he got drunk off his ass.

Makes you wonder what this hero in blue will do in the crimes against children unit.

Huh. 274 page report on his behavior. Sounds like there’s a bit more than drunk and disorderly at that event.

Hat tip to David Codrea.


One thought on “This is worrisome

  1. mamaliberty2014 November 10, 2015 / 1:45 pm

    What I want to know is why the hell there isn’t any “war on cops.” Seems the muddled “moms” against liberty would at least be upset with this.


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