Trump. Just… Trump.

Trump Says He Would Consider Closing Certain Mosques
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he would consider closing U.S. mosques with radical leadership because of the Paris attacks if he were elected president.

OK, the law-and-order-security-at-all-costs section of the GOP will like that. Not that they consider the precedent for next there’s a Clintonesque administration.

Speaking of Clintonesque:

“We have to be much tougher,” he said in another interview on CNBC. “We are going to have to give up certain privileges that we’ve always had.”

Where have I heard something along those lines before?

“Surveillance took a big turn over the last 48 hours,” he added. “Forty-eight hours ago everybody was saying, ‘Well we want our freedoms, we don’t want this to happen.’ And now, all of sudden, people are saying, ‘Hey listen, you can listen to my phone conversations.'”

Where are these alleged ‘people’?



I’m fairly sure I didn’t say that; I think I’d remember that level of stupidity.


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