That’s going to reduce the available shelters

Feds to require shelters to accommodate transgender individuals
A proposed regulation would require shelters that receive funding from the Office of Community Planning and Development, which spends $6.5 billion annually, to “provide transgender persons and other persons who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth with access to programs, benefits, services, and accommodations in accordance with their gender identity.”

Besides the obvious — some religious shelters closing rather than violating their beliefs — we’d see others shut down because it’s too bloody expensive and complicated to run a shelter with sleeping quarters segregated by five or more ‘genders’ that have nothing to do with biological reality. Got four beds each in Straight Male and Gay Male, but one straight and five gays looking for help?. Some dumbass is going to be stuck on the street rather than share a room with someone who is not sexually interested in him, while beds go unused.


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