Colorado Springs Shooter

You’ve probably seen speculation that the Colorado Springs shooter, who-does-not-deserve-to-be-named, is a white, male, conservative, Republican, anti-abortion, NRA member.

Maybe not. The Gatway Pundit seems to have found his her voter registration. Mr/s [nameless shit] self-identified as a female, and a member of the ‘UAF’.


As best I can tell, the ‘UAF’ is Unite Against Fascism, a leftwing pressure group/party in the UK. It doesn’t seem to be a US-based party of any sort. I found this description amusing.

“A motley rabble of anti-democratic cultural self-haters, relativists, pimply-faced students, Islamists, anti-semites and left-wing fascists… Unite Against Fascism, but not religious fascism, because that might offend the fascists.”

Considering the potential Islamist tie-in, it’s not impossible that this was another case of Islamic terrorism. It’s not as far reach as that ugly bearded guy being a woman.

Or maybe she was upset that PP couldn’t perform an abortion on her.

Damned sexists.


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