Drudge out of my bookmarks

The Drudge Report has always had more than a tinge of tabloidishness. But it also did well on breaking news. But today…


Just in case there was something resembling actual news behind that headline, I read the article. Happily, it isn’t as lurid as the headline suggests. Nor does the text support the headline claim. It’s essentially an animal welfare advocacy piece that says the were 10 cases of horse sexual abuse in 2014. It doesn’t say that’s up, down, or sideways from previous years. No baseline is given. If you want to read it, find it on your own.

But Drudge has been getting less useful than it once was. I’ve noticed it has fewer headlines than in the past. Old stuff stays on the page longer. More of it is clickbait fluff.

Drudge just isn’t worth bothering with anymore. It’s been working its way down my list of newslinks for years. It just fell off.


One thought on “Drudge out of my bookmarks

  1. MamaLiberty November 28, 2015 / 10:18 am

    I used to look at Drudge occasionally, but took it off my bookmarks at least a year ago or more. Just a large waste of time. The “headlines” were seldom honestly related to the content… even then.


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