L.A. has apparently eliminated all violent crime

…since they can redirect their resources to this:

Drive by LA’s Prostitutes? Your Wife May Get a Letter
Los Angeles is considering a controversial policy to help cut down on prostitution: City Council voted this week to have the city attorney’s office review a proposal to send warning letters to the owners of cars spotted in areas frequented by prostitutes, reports the Los Angeles Daily News. The plan would rely on license plate information to discover the owners.

Can’t let those ALPRs go to waste. Too bad if you work or live in the area. Or have to commute through. Or have any other legitimate, non-recreational reason to be there. Or if the ALPR misreads someone elses plate.

I think commenter roddy6667 has the right idea.

Do what people in the UK are doing with speed cameras. They get the license plates of police officials and politicians, an make a perfect replica using Pagemaker or whatever. They tape it over their plate and drive through the speed traps fast. All these people get tickets in the mail. Find out what politicians passed this ordinance, or find out who is speaking out in favor of it. Print the plate. Cruise the hookers. Fun arrives in the mail. Law changed soon.

Of course, with politicians, we’ll have the problem of sorting out the fakes from the real ones soliciting hookers.


One thought on “L.A. has apparently eliminated all violent crime

  1. wdg3rd November 28, 2015 / 10:05 am

    Mox nix. If the city councilman voted for this shit doesn’t matter if there are a few extra hits when he actually goes there. Though traditionally the Los Angeles politicos do their shopping in the smaller municipalities in the county. Hollywood, Santa Monica. West Hollywood. L.A. is funny, trying to figure which names on the map are separate territories rather than pieces of the conglomerate. Plus a lot of unincorporated spots in the county.


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