Can’t tell if he’s trolling

…or an American college student.

Before we set up colonies on Mars, we need to discuss renaming its moons
The words essentially form the infrastructure for the barbaric violence in the Iliad. And names matter. Is it really possible that we haven’t complained about the names? That no petitions are circulating demanding a softening of the names? We are basically implying, by doing nothing, that panic and terror are perfectly acceptable as appellations for our next-door neighbors in the sky.

If nothing else, we should be thinking of the children who will someday grow up to be Mars colonists.

Right up to ‘do it for the children’, I figured him for a tiny-testicled SJ howler monkey. But that’s such a stale cliche that I wonder if he tossed it in just to go over the top.

If he’s serious, I wonder if he noticed that Mars isn’t named Pax.


One thought on “Can’t tell if he’s trolling

  1. Cat December 1, 2015 / 11:04 pm

    My hat’s off to those spunky students who wrote the Washington Post piece. Good for them! The most dangerous (i.e., least safe) space I remember ever being in was elementary school. That’d be first grade, to be more precise … that’s a story for another day. The world was a lot different, way back when. Junior high would come in a close second. No wonder I detested school, and didn’t do well there. Today, I wonder if I’d have survived kindergarten. 😦

    But as for re-naming things (like Phobos and Deimos) — who wants to take that right away from future generations, who might actually experience those places up closer than our generation can? Let them be, and maybe they’ll learn to let us old farts be (speaking strictly for myself, of course) in the remainder of our lives here on earth.

    It seems to me that in a sane world, the choosing of one’s own name would serve as a rite of passage into adulthood. And it sure would give a young person a lot to think about, as opposed to accepting whatever “legal” identity he or she was saddled with at birth. I’d love to see a lot more thinking, and a lot less acceptance of things-as-they-are, exhibited by young folks. But I’m old, and what do I know … the older I get, the more I realize that everything I thought I knew was recycled garbage. And the older I get, I suspect that realization may continue to get worse, and go deeper and deeper … but meanwhile, that light at the end of the rabbit hole grows brighter. 🙂


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