Idiot demands ‘training’ for you because she‘s an ignorant fool

Lawmaker: Require safety training for gun licenses (Georgia)
Rep. Keisha Waites, D-Atlanta, has pre-filed House Bill 709, which would require anyone applying for a Georgia Weapons Permit to pass a basic firearms training course. The training must include instruction on handling the weapon, as well as loading and firing.
Waites said she has a license to carry a firearm, but that when she first applied she knew little about loading, firing and carrying for a gun.

Projecting some, Waites?

Most concealed carriers learn that stuff before they license up and carry. I did, and I kept up training once licensed, too. Some formal classes, and some range time several times a year. I’m a slacker, so I usually only burn several hundred rounds in practice every year. On my own, I practice more than most of the cops I’ve known and worked with… whom the dimwit’s bill would exempt from the training requirement.

Do I think learning to use your weapon properly is a good idea? Sure. But letting some dumbass with a [D] after her name, who couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to load her own weapon before carrying, mandate training? Worse, setting the training requirements/curriculum? For one of the simplest-to-operate tools in the world?*

Oh, hell no.

But it isn’t really about training. Its all about making it harder and more expensive to comply with arbitrary restrictions on rights. It’s about keeping you as helpless as possible.

Ask yourself why.

* My carry pistol has three controls: safety, trigger, and mag release. My power drill has a variable trigger, directional control, chuck, and a ‘full auto’ button to hold the trigger down. And a whole lot more moving parts. People have killed themselves and others with drills. We need common sense drill control!


One thought on “Idiot demands ‘training’ for you because she‘s an ignorant fool

  1. MamaLiberty December 1, 2015 / 4:12 pm

    Somehow… I managed to get at least 120 hours of professional training, and countless hours at the range – both with and without an instructor – before I ever carried concealed (though I carried openly in the meantime)… and I have never asked for or gotten any sort of “permit.” One simply doesn’t relate much to the other.

    Those who choose to carry (in whatever fashion) without initial training have that “right,” but they also have full responsibility for the consequences. As do we all anyway.


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