Irrational Speculation

My father is watching Faux Snooze’s ‘reporting’ on the San Bernardino shooting at the Inland Regional Center (good luck getting into that site right now) for the developmentally disabled. Stuck in amongst the rest of their baseless speculation in lieu of facts, one talking head (Shepard Smith, I think it was) noted that this was ‘near’ a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Dear freaking Bog.

OK, then. Let’s do some irrational speculation ourselves. I’ll start it. No need to keep it serious; the less realistic, the more likely you are to be as accurate as Faux.

As Faux has it, three individuals wearing masks and ‘tactical gear’ — sometimes described as armor — entered the facility catering to the mentally challenged… no, a medical type facility, not city hall… and killed 12 people and injured 20 more. They apparently escaped in a black Yukon later found abandoned. This was near a Planned Parenthood facility. (Note: all of these ‘facts’ are subject to change without notice, just like your credit card agreement.)*

Clearly this was an act of terrorism committed by radical eugenecists from Planned Parenthood. It was simply retroactive abortion of undesirables.

Either that, or workplace violence.

Right. Your turn.

* Before someone gets xyr panties in a wad over me making light of a horrible act of violence, I’m not not. I’m making light of lamestream muddia making a mockery of it.


One thought on “Irrational Speculation

  1. MamaLiberty December 2, 2015 / 5:25 pm

    This is happening about 6 – 8 blocks from where I used to work. Guess
    the only thing that surprises me is that it doesn’t happen more often.
    There is no question but that this was a “gun free zone,” and nobody
    there was prepared to defend themselves or anyone else.

    Interestingly enough, many years ago I participated as a triage nurse in
    a community “disaster drill” very near that location. And yes, it was
    pretty much a disaster, since there were far more chiefs than indians.
    Hope they have better drills these days.

    Man, oh man am I glad I don’t live there anymore.


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