An interesting question

…over at Joe Huffman’s blog:

If those on the no fly list are to be prohibited from buying guns, what about those they already own? When will the government come for them?

If they’re stupid enough to make no-fly no-buy, it’ll be annoying as heck for those who keep using FFL’d dealers. But kicking down doors to take guns from those on the list?

As a comparison, NICS is a database of specific individuals whom the .gov deems not to have rights. It’s buggy, and it generates false positives, which are cleared something like 99% of the time when they look at the whole database entry for the evil prohibited person and see that buyer has a different SSAN, birth date, race, whatever.

The no-fly list is not a database. It’s a list. Not of individuals, but merely names. And variants of names. It’s a subset of the Terrorist Screening Database. As named, the TSDB is just that: a database of individuals suspected (or known) to be connected to terrorism. Not counting mistakes, possible co-worker pranks, or maliciousness.

But the TSA doesn’t get that whole database for security reasons. The TSC doesn’t want to compromise classified material in its files, So they give the TSA a list of names, as mentioned.

That’s how Ted Kennedy ‘got on’ the no-fly list. He wasn’t on it; his name was just too similar to someone’s else. How similar does your name have to be for a match.

Who knows? Feds ain’t saying.

So now, hypothetically speaking, apply the no-buy list. With all the false positives of no-fly, and none of the appeals process to get off it. That’s why the gun grabbing victim disarmers like the idea; more people fail the background check, can’t get their defensive tools, and have no practical way to fix it.

Now we finally get to the question that started this: What about those they already own? When will the government come for them?

On the due process hand, come for who? Kick in doors of everyone whose name is arbitrarily close to an uncharged, unindicted ‘suspect’? Will they come for me because ‘Carl Bussjaeger’ matches ‘Charlie Baker’ (arbitrarily close; are initials enough?), who himself is actually a DHS clerk who got pranked by a co-worker just before he went on a Hawaiian vacation?

On the rabid victim disarming hand… Oh hell yeah, they’d love that. ‘Probable cause’ to take everyone’s guns? Shoot, they’d like to declare one common initial a match. Just to start.

On the slightly saner less insane gun controller hand, we’ll have to hope they think it through first.

“The sheer immorality of victim disarmament aside, one would hope every law enforcement officer out there would stop to consider all the possible ramifications of kicking in several million doors because the occupants are well armed.”
– Carl Bussjaeger


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