‘Please rob us’

Intelligent Calling Bell
We see in all house we have calling bells. We go and search for the switch and Ring the bell. IF no one is in home we don’t know it and ring the bell again and again. To over come that in this project i make Intelligent Calling Bell. Which sense the incoming person coming and Tell them ‘Please wait i am on the way to open the door’ and it also tell loudly in side the house. If no one is in the home it tell us ‘Sorry We are not in home’.

The local burglars appreciate your cooperation.


One thought on “‘Please rob us’

  1. MamaLiberty December 12, 2015 / 3:56 pm

    Oh yeah, I can see this being a great help to criminals. Especially in the city. I don’t hear well anymore and installed a doorbell about a year ago so I’d know when someone was at the door if I was downstairs. Almost nobody uses it, unfortunately. The dog doesn’t bark very often, and lots of times people just go away. Works for me… they could call first.

    That “I’m not home” message could be replaced with something more like: “Enter at your own risk.” Let them guess what that might mean. A picture of the XD .45 with the caption: Smile – wait for flash” might round out the door decorations. If your mother in law won’t visit after that… two birds with one stone, maybe? LOL

    Anyhow, steel doors, good locks and windows all too far off the ground for anyone to get in that way. If someone gets in while I’m gone, that would be too bad. If someone was dumb enough to try getting in here when I am present… oh well. Just hope he doesn’t expire on the carpet. Too damned expensive to replace.


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