TZP looking for some writers

The Partisans are looking for a few good writers
Would you like to write guest commentary for The Zelman Partisans? We’re looking for eloquent writers who have interesting things to say about guns, gun rights, or self defense. This can be a one-time thing or a regular (e.g. once a month) gig. It can be commentary on the news, a personal story, or a sharing of your expertise. You don’t have to be Jewish. You do have to be uncompromising on gun rights and able to meet a deadline.

I write a little for The Zelman Partisans (as well as run their newsletter list and make an occasional suggestion). But I think my writing often gets a bit over the top and confrontational. That’s fine on my own blog, and in some instances at TZP; but generally I don’t want to dump crap in someone else’s venue. So it would be great to have some other writers’ material to fall back on when I overdo it.

And no one really wants to see my commentary in every TZP newsletter every week.

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