I feel more normal every day

Trigger Warning: HuffPo

What’s A Skoliosexual?
“A lot of people feel broken before they find a label and a community to go with it,” Michael, a team member affiliated with the Asexual Visibility & Education Network (AVEN), which works to inform people about sexuality and identities which may fall under the asexuality umbrella.

Maybe because they are broken?

LGBQTQAAGDDLPPPSQ-PZNP-AT-Y. I sh!t you not. And that doesn’t include many I’ve seen claimed.

When you need a whole, dedicated web site, to figure out what you are, something is wrong besides your strangeness not being accepted by normally functional people. Trans-frickin’-Yada?

I’m reminded of psychiatrists prescribing Blue Tooth headsets for schizophrenics so they can ‘function’ in society: the headset makes it appear to others that the nut is engaged in a conversation with someone outside his head. Enabling illness, not fixing it.


One thought on “I feel more normal every day

  1. MamaLiberty December 18, 2015 / 12:18 pm

    I’m afraid there are no “normal” people. There are averages, drawn by culture and level of maturity, but the only thing truly normal regarding human beings is that they are naturally unique individuals – however hard they attempt to disguise this. The average temperament, personality, goals and actions of city dwelling adults has little or nothing to do with the same characteristics of Midwest farmers or any other demographic. Trust me.

    But we got along fairly well anyway as long as most people were minding their own business and sharing those characteristics voluntarily, only with their preferred neighbors and friends. Now, it seems that a great many people feel the burning need to acquaint the world with their bowel habits, dictate things like diet and even breathing to total strangers, and bomb the heck out of anyone who has a different outlook on life. This sexual preference grandstanding has gotten completely out of hand.

    I’d love to bomb some of them, actually, (rotten tomatoes or eggs would be ideal) but I’d be quite content if they’d just shut the hell up about it and their insane dictionary of labels. sigh


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