Select Comfort Mistakes, Redux

When last we visited Select Comfort Sleep Number, I was trying to get the bed delivered. Finally, on the fifth frickin’ try, they delivered…

…a bed. Mostly.

When we placed the order, the salesman, Joseph in the Jacksonville store, asked if we wanted a headboard. We told him that we did not want the headboard, just the box enclosure around the metal base. He agreed, so naturally when the receipt was written up specifying the base with “Stone” (the color of the “surround” — as SC/SN calls it) we assumed that was what we requested.

Nope. The bed was delivered with steel frame, mattress, control units, and remote. No surround enclosure. I asked where the enclosure was, the delivery guy — “Darwin” — said we didn’t order that. I said we did. He insisted that if we ordered it, it would be on the invoice as a “surround” … “gray, or something”.

“Stone?” I suggested.

“Yes, stone.”

I showed him the receipt that says “Stone”. He explained that suddenly “Stone” only refers to the color of the cover underneath the mattress, not the enclosure as he stated previously. When he told me he’s just the delivery guy, and I should call the company, I admittedly got irate. I objected to calling the company again just to wait weeks for another nonanswer answer. I pointed out that he’s wearing a “Sleep Number” shirt, making him a representative of the company that’s been fucking over hundreds of people across the country.

So he reported me to the company for shouting and using an obscenity. The folks at the store were upset about that, but could not care less about the lack of an enclosure that prompted the outburst. Never mind being six weeks late with four missed or cancelled delivery dates.

Oh. And we still don’t have the $200 refund promised six weeks ago.

As best I can tell from complaints on various Internet consumer sites, the only people getting deliveries are those who mentioned that they filed complaints with the BBB or state consumer protection agencies. Perhaps it’s purely coincidental, but the only times I got actual responses from Select Comfort were just after I filed a state complaint, then an FTC complaint, and finally a BBB complaint.

For what it’s worth, the bed works. Although the remote isn’t the one the catalog shows for this unit, but rather one for a dual mattress system.


3 thoughts on “Select Comfort Mistakes, Redux

  1. MamaLiberty December 22, 2015 / 5:26 pm

    You are one stubborn dude. 🙂 I would have demanded a full refund a long, long time ago – or sued for breach of contract if they refused. Other than that, I would not have accepted the delivery of the product. I’ve found that once you do and start to use it, your chances of getting the right parts and replacements are very low, and getting them to take it back is almost impossible.

    Glad you didn’t punish the delivery person, no matter how much he deserved it. That tends to complicate things rather badly. 🙂 I hear the beds in jail suck big time. 😦


    • Bear December 22, 2015 / 5:35 pm

      I did not sign for anything, and we were on the phone with the store before the delivery crew left.

      As for jail/prison, I suspect that a lot of Select Comfort employees will find their “sleep numbers” don’t work before this all done. (And those beds do suck; three inch fiberfill mattress over sheet metal.)


      • MamaLiberty December 22, 2015 / 5:44 pm

        Oh good. Not signing for it might help a lot. I was wondering, however, how you could use the bed without the frame thing? Would it fit your old one? I have not had a new bed in 25 years, and we picked that one up from the store.

        No idea how these things work today. Went looking for a replacement for my old, old computer desk and was astonished to see that most of the new ones don’t come with a keyboard shelf! Everything set up for laptops and tablets now. Finally found one and hope to heck it lasts the rest of my life.

        I have had much pleasure picturing certain people in prison cells. I imagine seeing the bars in front of the faces of many politicians and others… Hillary is my favorite right now. 🙂


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