What? Where’d it go?

So I was reading this column about a NY bill to limit ammo sales to a horrifically unsafe level:

Coming Soon: Legislation To Heavily Regulate Ammunition In New York
I wish I could say I’m shocked, but this is New York. It’s an anti-gun state. Of course, some local legislators were going to try and regulate the sale of ammunition.

It seems sales would be restricted to twice the capacity of the gun every ninety days, which is not really enough for proficiency practice. But then I saw this at the end:

Oh, and the fact that seven-round magazines don’t exist.

And suddenly my pistol became lighter on my hip as the stock, shipped with the gun, 7 round magazine evaporated. I’m hoping he was being a bit sarcastic about Cuomo.

Wilson Combat is going to be unhappy about that, too.


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