NO. Just… No.

Update: See below


Trigger Touch Activation
Trigger Touch + Magazine Button Activation
MAGAZINE BUTTON + TRIGGER TOUCH ACTIVATION means Complete Trigger Finger Control of all electronic accessories.

I’ll save you from the CAPS-LOCK abuse and gov-school-graduate grammar. This is a gadget that lets you control all your electrically powered rail-mount gadgets — laser sight, flashlight, Go-Pro cam, MP3 player, Keurig coffeemaker — with…

Your effing trigger.

Holy f… Well, I guess the LAPD will want that.

If I spot someone with that at the range, I’m leaving or he is.

David Codrea comments, “Hey, if the object is to save time, how about a sensor that automatically fires the gun whenever it senses a person in front of the muzzle?

ADDED: Oh dear Bog: “We at Trigger Point Technology* are committed to providing a safe, intuitive and effective method of countering lethal force, “When Seconds Count”.

Booger-hooking the trigger is safe? Controlling lights and sights with the trigger is intuitive?

Update: I spoke to Terry Abst, the CEO of Trigger Point Technology. I expressed my extremely negative reaction to his Rule 3-violating product. From his comments, they did the design based primarily on input from Special Forces personnel; SEALs and Delta Force were specifically mentioned. He said that he has decided to sell the TRAMS-ADVANCED trigger activation AR product only to the military. He says the web site will be updated to reflect that decision.

But I think he’s still over-estimating the ability of the vast majority of military personnel, who still shouldn’t be fingering the trigger. Some, such as SEAL teams who presumably would be training extensively with the device, and using it in combat, might operate it correctly without negligent discharges. I reiterated that trigger-activation in the hands of most American police officers terrifies me. At which point he changed the subject to another product in development, which is not mentioned on the web site.

The new product is a pistol laser sight. As he described it (a prototype has been installed on a Glock pistol), it is a green laser turned on and off with a button on the side of the unit. Activated, it produces a conventional continuous beam. However, it incorporates a trigger switch as well.

If the user’s finger touches the trigger, the laser changes mode to blink rapidly. (Some laser sights blink that way because the human eye — evolved to notice movement — tends to pick up the blinking dot more quickly than a steady dot.) He pushed that as a safety feature, because an officer who inadvertently slips his finger inside the trigger guard will get visual feedback warning him that he’s violating rule 3 again.

I suspect, though, that a great many officers will either ignore it because they don’t care if they’re booger-hooking, or they’ll think it’s cool. I warned Mr. Abst of that. His sight can’t counter stupidity or deliberate indifference.

A couple of his comments suggest that the trigger switch might also activate the laser. I had difficulty getting a word in edgewise to clarify that. I hope it doesn’t, or we’ll see a lot more negligent discharges because too many cops would choose to activate the laser that way rather than use the side button.

Added: David Codrea found a YouTube video in which Abst demonstrates the pistol sight. The trigger does activate the laser, and he specifically mentions law enforcement use. And yes, he is demonstrating it by pointing the pistol at his own hand. Better his than mine.

And muzzle sweeps! Great Ghu, that video is painful.

Also, the Trigger Point Technology site has been taken down. It’s archived here.

And for real fun: Abst emailed me to ask if I can hook him up with someone in the Israel Defense Forces, since he thinks they’d be interested in buying his stuff. I guess he missed the part where I disapproved of his Trigger Touch Activation.

I remain opposed to the AR trigger activation system. I would be opposed to the pistol laser if the trigger switch activates the laser. I do not think that the trigger should have any function not directly related to firing the weapon. Victim disarmers arguments about training aside, firearms are functionally easy to operate. The hard part is learning to do it properly. A system that puts the finger on the trigger for any reason other than shooting-right-now is a bad idea.


4 thoughts on “NO. Just… No.

  1. MamaLiberty January 4, 2016 / 3:29 pm

    The only down side to the free market… even the most stupid and ignorant can offer their product. The buyers most certainly need to beware. But I’m with you… anyone shows up at my gun club range with that will be escorted to the gate and asked not to return. I don’t have to leave, I’m the Chief Range Safety Officer there. 🙂


  2. pigpen January 5, 2016 / 8:40 pm

    I can’t imagine that a gun guy invented that. It had to be a recent college grad who couldn’t get on
    Shark Tank with such a dangerous idea and so decided to try and run with it himself. I don’t scare easily, however, I do scare.


    • Bear January 5, 2016 / 8:56 pm

      I understand Terry Abst holds the patent. Judging by the video (I think that’s him, since he’s ID’d as “Terry”), he may be older than me.

      But… Pointing pistol at his hand, booger-hooking, muzzles sweeps..

      No, he sure as eff ain’t a gun guy. Despite his claims that he confers with SEALs and Deltas, he sure knows nothing about adrenaline dumps or sympathetic muscle response under stress. Nor any first hand knowledge of the typical shitty training and discipline of most cops.


  3. larryarnold January 6, 2016 / 12:11 pm

    So this gun works like most cameras: start to push the button to focus the lens, continue to push to take the photo. Works great on a camera, other than you end up with accidental pictures.

    The difference, of course, is “Oops.” [delete] as opposed to “Oops.” [EMS] [bodybag]



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