Going for that Darwin Award nomination, I see.

Israeli journalist stabbed while reporting on knife-proof vests
Lachover went out on Wednesday morning to do a news story on bullet-proof and knife-proof safety vests used by both civilians and the defense establishment. In the course of interviewing people for the segment, he met with representatives of the company that manufactures the vests and was persuaded to be a guinea pig and agree to be stabbed while wearing the safety vest.

And naturally he was stabbed.

Perhaps the would-be investigative journalist should have asked, “Umm… Why me? Don’t you have enough confidence in your product to demonstrate yourself?”


One thought on “Going for that Darwin Award nomination, I see.

  1. wdg3rd January 6, 2016 / 5:59 pm

    “Ballistic fabric” won’t stop an edge. If Kevlar worked against blades, there’d be a big market in replacement ragtop roofing. Researched that 30 years ago when a friend in Glendale CA told me why he never bothered to put the roof up except during rainy season and only had an AM radio in his ’65 Mustang. (Was already researching various fibers, fabrics and films for use in LTA designs).


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