Soviet State of Oregon

That such a thing could even be thought of

Maybe The Most Dangerous Bill Ever
We have received a preliminary copy of one of the most dangerous pieces of anti-gun legislation we have ever seen.

While the concept was first floated by Ginny Burdick, there may be other legislators behind it.

This bill eviscerates due process and turns Oregon into a Soviet style collection of secret snitches!

The draft legislation lets any doctor, healthcare provider, mental health professional, teacher, instructor, principal, administrator, employer, or family member report baseless suspicions, whereupon the victim loses the right to purchase a firearm. Period. No due process. No hearings. In fact…

(c) The department may not notify the person: (emphasis added-cb)
(A) Of the existence of the hold unless the person attempts to purchase a firearm.
(B) Of the date of expiration of the hold.
(C) Of the identity of the reporter.

A secret order, no due process, no facing your accuser. No judicial oversight of the process at all; the hold is done by whoever takes the call; it doesn’t go to a judge unless and until you learn about the existence of an order.

The person so disturbed and dangerous that he can’t have a gun, but somehow isn’t disturbed and dangerous enough for the authoritahs to… you know, approach and investigate, refer him for evaluation. Thee’s no provision for helping or taking a dangerous person off the streets; just violating his rights.

And you thought protective orders were abusive.


One thought on “Soviet State of Oregon

  1. Unclezip January 16, 2016 / 11:13 pm

    Though it says Burdick, It’s also sponsored by “Pink” Floyd Prosanski, a rabid Bloomberg stooge. Funny thing is, Burdick is herself undergoing treatment for mental illness. I wonder who will make the first call on her, proclaiming her incompetent to own a firearm.


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