Just another rigged “demonstration”

Ready. Aim. Truth: ‘Good Guys’ vs. ‘Bad Guys’ Part 1
We retained two experts to help us create an exercise that would put their readiness to the test.

Hmm. “Good guys” were relatively untrained folks. The guy with the most experience has 50 hours of training. They went into the scenarios blind.

“Bad guy” is a SWAT team member and instructor with 22 years of experience, and body armor. He knew what his scenario was.


Scenario 1: the amateurs still beat the pro half the time.
Scenario 2: the amateurs still won half the time.

WFAA spins this as disproving the “good guy with a gun” concept.

I wonder if Part 2 will be a little realistic: 20-something bad guy with little or no training, no body armor versus some civilian with around four or five hundred hours of formal training (not counting informal range time) and 35 years of cumulative military, LE, private security, and CCW experience.* It would be even more realistic if the good guy has a simulated weapon matching his everyday carry this time.

Nah.That would really blow the narrative.

Note the dig at open carry, too. The “bad guy” was able to spot the OC, so knew who to go for first. Right. The fact that the good guy happened to be the only person sitting there in a full face mask wasn’t tip off at all.

* That’s realistic. That’s me, and I don’t even have as much training as a lot of other folks who carry. I know one woman, an NRA instructor, who’s probably been carrying almost as long as I’ve been alive.


One thought on “Just another rigged “demonstration”

  1. MamaLiberty January 14, 2016 / 1:18 pm

    Indeed… training and experience are terrific, and very valuable. Yet many people continue to use a gun (or other things), managing to stop the threat without it. Their attitude, their will to live and do whatever it takes… that’s the key. Training can only hone and improve on that, but can never replace it. I was able to pull the trigger, to stop the attack in 1982, long before I had any formal gun training. Yes, I made mistakes and wouldn’t do the same thing again today, but as the pilots all tell us… any landing you walk away from is a good landing. And if you practice landing, they’ll get even better.


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