When idiots try to figure

fake-ffl-mapMapping the Sale of Firearms vs. Frappuccinos
In their analysis, Beltz and colleagues found that there were six gun dealers in the U.S for every Starbucks (of which there are 10,843, according to 2013 data). Gun sellers also outnumber grocery stores (37,716 in 2014), McDonald’s (14,350 in 2014), and total coffee shops (55,246 in 2016) in the U.S. If gun collectors, manufacturers, and importers were all counted as gun dealers, the total number balloons to 138,659—far more than, say, the number of public schools in the country (98,328 in 2011-12).

Tanvi Misra, girl geniusmoron, thinks there 318 gun shops in DC. The last I heard DC only has one authorized gun broker: CS Exchange.

The other 317 “dealers” she thinks she sees are security companies (security guards, armored car transport, bodyguards). Pretty much what you’d expect in a town thoroughly infested with paranoid politicians and bumbling bureaucrats, all in need of (machine)gun-toting protection, 24/7.

If you take a look at the ATF’s spreadsheet of FFLs, you’ll find that there are several listings for the same place of business, so simply taking raw numbers doesn’t tell you much about how many gun shops there are.


3 thoughts on “When idiots try to figure

  1. MamaLIberty January 15, 2016 / 11:19 am

    Newcastle, WY has fewer gun stores than Washington D.C.? Who would have thunk it? 🙂

    The little town of 2500 doesn’t even have one gun store. No pawn shops or other dealers – and no gunsmiths since the last one retired several years ago. We now have to travel 75 or 80 miles one way to find any of that. One hardware store used to have an FFL, but he gave it up because of increasing regulations and liability insurance. Interestingly, the store was robbed about 15 years ago. The clerk didn’t have a gun, so gave the criminal the money… but she couldn’t open any of the gun safes, so he left with a little cash. When I arrived five years later, that clerk was the first student in my handgun class. She was 77 years old at the time, and had never handled anything but a rifle before. She and her husband are partners with their son, owning that hardware store. 🙂 At 84 now, she’s a riot… and still clerks at the store. But now she can get her hands on a gun if she ever needs to do that.


    • Bear January 15, 2016 / 11:37 am

      But Mama, that map show seven dealers in your town. [grin]

      Of course, they show 43 in my town, which I know is BS. Most of them aren’t even in my state, so it would be illegal for me to transfer a handgun directly from one of them. Only a handful are in my town at all: pawn shops, because we have a military base. And then there’s the fact that they count nondealer FFLs as dealers.

      (Amusingly, the 8 Starbucks they claim are in my town are all out of state; the closest is almost thirty miles.)


      • MamaLIberty January 15, 2016 / 11:51 am

        Really? I’ll have to look at that map. Seems strange they’d hide. LOL No “Starbucks” here either. We do have a main street diner, which is usually packed (30 occupant capacity) for breakfast and lunch. Coffee there isn’t too bad, since they start a fresh pot constantly. And you can serve yourself too – $1.50 for the first cup, refills free. Good food, and good company as well. The local “liar’s club” meets there each morning to gossip and swap tall stories. The mayor and most other local elected folks do the bulk of their campaigning there too.

        One gun dealer/gunsmith would make this just about a perfect town. 🙂


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