I’ve been remiss


Friends Raising Funds for Ailing Gun Rights Activist Vanderboegh
Gun “law” noncompliance activist and citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh has been given a terminal prognosis by his doctors, readers of his Sipsey Street Irregulars blog were told earlier this month.
Those people who don’t appreciate Mike aren’t being asked for a thing. Those who do can show their appreciation by sending contributions to him at PO Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126, or by transferring funds to georgemason1776@aol.com via Paypal, and also by spreading the word to notify other gun rights activists.

Partly I’ve been distracted by other projects. Partly I figured the majority of people reading my blog already knew.

Please do what you can.


One thought on “I’ve been remiss

  1. MamaLiberty January 17, 2016 / 12:18 pm

    Everyone has a full plate these days, Bear. Those who want to are doing what they can, and nobody can really do more. He has thousands of loyal readers and, I suspect, they will take care of this. Any other help will be most welcome too, I’m sure.


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