Turns out I’m a conspiracy theorist

Who knew?

Trigger warning: WaPo BS.

Turns out conspiracy theorists think:

  • “politicians often lie, deflect blame and find other ways to look innocent.”
  • “government institutions are largely controlled by elite outside interests.”
  • “in national politics, nothing happens by accident.”
  • “in national politics, you can see patterns, designs and secret activities everywhere once you know where to look.”

If Mr. Enders is unaware of the propensity of politicians to lie, he has an entertaining future ahead of him in political science. “Elite outside interests”? Campaign contributions. (I dealt with one congresscreep who first responded to any request for assistance or support on a bill by asking how much I had contributed.)

Lots of things in politics happen by accident; that’s true. And it’s true that using those accidents to further an agenda is what politics is.

“Patterns, designs and secret activities” is awfully vague. Sure, it can veer off into Conspiracy Land. But…

Patterns: National party platforms, and making sure team players play along? Ever wonder why we can depend on Dimwits to sponsor gun control bills for the children, and Repugnants to fail to repeal ’em for “law & order”?

Designs: Don’t I recall some prez candidate campaigning on a plan to implement a national healthcare law? True, the result doesn’t look well designed, just a mishmash of unread pages of BS.

Secret activities: Four words- Hillary. Rodham. Clinton. Email. And that doesn’t even count CIA, NSA, DIA,and assorted other agencies who — by law — depend on secrecy.

And the guy wonders why people who recognize these facts tend to oppose victim disarmament.


2 thoughts on “Turns out I’m a conspiracy theorist

  1. TRX January 20, 2016 / 10:44 am

    > “government institutions are largely controlled by elite outside interests.”

    Back when I was in the first of second grade, back in the 1960s in the People’s Democratic Republic of Kalifornia, we got told about Commodore Perry and how great it was that America “opened” Japan. We hadn’t been told about WWII yet…

    Even then I wondered exactly what the USA was supposed to get out of it, other than eventually having the Japanese try to return the favor.

    It was only a few months ago that I realized Perry and some of the lesser-known American exploits in China and the rest of the Far East were probably an attempt by American businessmen to build something like the British Raj. The conquest of India was a private (or privatized) affair; various “chartered Companies” conquered and exploited as they pleased, then ran to Whitehall for help when they bit off more than they could chew.

    The US was still digesting the Louisiana Purchase when Perry sailed in 1853, but there was no money to be made exploiting Stone Age aborigines. Any profits had to be made from scratch, mining and industry, while the Far East had far more easily exploited resources.

    What killed the American Raj was probably the railroads, which made it faster and cheaper to exploit the Midwest and West, and the California Gold Rush, which flipped thing around so it was actually more useful to import labor from the Far East than to exploit it over there.


    • Bear January 20, 2016 / 11:01 am

      ” a private (or privatized) affair; various ‘chartered Companies “

      The term you’re searching for is mercantilism. Often confused by the Left with capitalism.


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