Still NO. Triggerpoint at SHOT again.

Still with the safety violations. I’m surprised the surrounding booth occupants didn’t form a mob and toss their asses out of the show.

Triggerpoint Has No Website But Still Brings The Derp To SHOT
TriggerPoint may not have a working website* but bet your ass they still have a product LOL. From SHOT a couple days ago:
[video: painful to watch]

On the bright side, he isn’t using his hand as a demonstration target this time. But he did point an AR at his gut. And muzzle sweeps. I couldn’t force myself to watch the whole thing; did he ever clear a firearm he picked up?

Great Ghu, now he has a pistol “home version” that incorporates all the worst aspects: laser on only when pressing a button on the pistol side or when his finger is on the trigger. Maybe Joe Biden would want this for his double-barrel shotgun. No, Terry; I’m not going to recommend that one to the IDF either (seriously; he asked me for IDF references).

* Ol’ Terry took down his web site shortly after my phone call with him, when I tried to explain what a truly bad idea this was. It’s archived here.


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