The Oregon Situation

Nothing but questions and missing information, leading to wild-ass speculation.

  • The only witness from the occupiers side who backs up the authorities story of Finicum reaching for his waistband or charging was released without charges. I hear a lot of speculation that he’s a fed CI.
  • The authorities claim there is video of the incident. They may not release it. Feel free to speculate on that.
  • Unlike the usual fed practice of laying out the seized weapons held by the perps, to be photographed by a cooperative and complacent media, we have nothing. No weapons shown.
  • No weapons charges either. Speculation: Did Bundy et al disarm themselves for the community meeting as a show of peaceful intent? If so, that would raise hell with the claim that Finicum was reaching for a weapon. About that video again…
  • Two vehicles full of occupiers, supposedly armed and dangerous. No mention of shots fired by them. In fact, no charges of even resisting arrest.
  • Back up a little: It’s been reported that locals say the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge facility hasn’t been in use for some time. Yet the feds made a point (briefly) that thousands of ‘Native American artifacts’ were stored there and at risk of being looted or damaged by the occupiers. Why would undocumented artifacts be stored away in an unused building in the middle of nowhere? By whom? The BIA does have an inventory of those artifacts-held-in-trust, right?
  • Ammon Bundy, faced with the artifact claim, should have issued a press release: “While we may or may not succeed in getting the land released to the proper owners, we can at least ensure that these artifacts are returned to the Paiutes. We ask that authorized tribal representatives come here to take custody of these sacred and historic items. We insist that BIA send a representative with an itemized inventory to make third party (heh) verification that all items are accounted for.” Aside from being the right thing, that would have been a PR masterpiece on multiple levels.
  • The artifacts have droppped out of the narrative. Did they ever exist, or was that a propaganda lie on the part of the feds, to make Bundy and party look bad?

I want to see all video from the ‘traffic stop.’ I want to see the alleged artifacts. If the artifacts exist, I want to see the documentation that they were properly held by the correct agency, or I want to see charges against the original looters. I want to know who and what Mark McConnell is, and why he was released uncharged to back up the authorities’ story.


2 thoughts on “The Oregon Situation

  1. Invisible Mikey January 28, 2016 / 4:31 pm

    The Feds have been playing a tactical chess game with the Bundys for some time, since before Oregon, and they might be frustrated at how much money and resources have been tied up in doing so. My speculation is they want to fashion as solid a case against them all as they can get in real court, so they don’t want to release anything to the “court of public opinion” yet.

    Just speaking for myself, I’m curious to know the evidence too, but I can wait. I don’t like the idea that armed insurgents can go take over a park and threaten others with violence, no matter what their issues are. I’ve been involved in lots of kinds of civil disobedience since the 1970s. I never carried weapons, so every time police went too far the courts were on my side. Nonviolent resistance carries more moral weight.


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