Bear 2016

I have decided to announce my candicacy for President. Why not? Everyone else has.

My platform is simple.

  1. If nominated, I will not run.
    Just look at the current field’s antics. That’s a heckuva advantage right there.
  2. If elected, I’ll mostly not serve.
    • I won’t move into the White House. In fact, I’ll put it on the market (psst- Rita, make a note).
    • I will perform only constitutionally required duties. That State of the Union address? Nope, Back to the written State of the Union Report. Sent by snail mail.
    • With one class of exception, I will veto all legislation. I will sign any legislation that totally eliminates any unconstitutional government agency or department. My standards on ‘unconstitutional’ are broad.
  3. I will not run for re-election.

Bear Logo 2016: I'll leave you the hell alone.


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