Finicum Shooting

I’ve watched the first ten minutes of the newly released video, which appears to have been recorded from a helicopter. I’ve only gotten that far because I’m watching in slo-mo, but that cover Finicum’s shooting. Observations:

  • 9:17 Truck runs into snow bank. Unlike reports that they were trying to go around the road block, it looks to me like they were simply trying not to hit the stopped vehicles. YMMV.
  • 9:22 Finicum exits the vehicle arms raised. He begins walking away from the vehicle, but not towards the police.
  • 9:26 Blurred out.
  • 9:27 Arms still raised.
  • 9:28 Finicum appears to stumble in the snow. His arms begin to drop.
  • 9:29 Arms begin to raise again, to his sides, not towards officers. Much as I try, I cannot see anything that could be a handgun. But video quality sucks.
  • 9:30 The officer to the right on screen appears to fire. I think I see a muzzle flash; the officer jerks backwards in what I’d guess to be recoil.
  • 9:32 Finicum appears to be hunched forward with both hands clutching his stomach.
  • 9:33 Second officer (left side of screen) fires from Finicum’s rear-right. Finicum falls and does not move again that I can see.

After that, as far as I’ve gotten, no one approaches Finicum. And several flashes — my initial guess would be flashbangs — appear in sequence.

I’m hoping for better quality footage from other directions. One vehicle, which I believe is FBI, was pointed almost directly at Finicum. It would be nice if that one had a dashcam.

Lamestream mudddia: ABC reported:

At one point, the truck weaves around a roadblock and gets stuck in a snowbank and agents give commands for nearly four minutes of the occupants to surrender, the FBI said.

Bull shit. sixteen seconds after the crash, Finicum had been shot twice. ABC may be confusing (deliberately or otherwise) the initial stop up the road, where there was a period of some minutes with nothing happening, with the road block portion of the incident.

“Witness” Mark McConnell is a liar.

“He was not on his knees, he was none of that nonsense,” Mr. McConnell said.

He added: “He went after them. He charged at him. That ain’t gunning somebody down.”

If McConnell was driving the second vehicle, which stopped far back from even the first stopping point of the white truck, and very far from the road block site, he couldn’t see anything. He admits that much, then alleges that he somehow knows Finicum charged the police. The video clearly shows that never happened.

As for being on his knees… It looks to me that Finicum was on his feet for both the first and second shots. But after the first shot, he was hunched over and with knees bent. In what apppears to be knee-deep snow. To someone actually in the truck, it could very well have looked to them that Finicum was kneeling at the time of the second shot. For that matter, the stumbled probably would have looked that way, and that was all within five seconds.


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