Apparently OSHA preempts the Second Amendment

Adviser: Gun control can be tough topic at work
The General Duty Clause requires employers to maintain a safe workplace, including the implementation of policies that may be necessary to further that goal. Proponents argue that this significant increase in workplace violence coupled with the expansion of concealed carry laws would be the basis for this regulatory change. Moreover, because a General Duty Clause already exists within the OSHA statute, there would not be a need for congressional approval.

They think my firearm is a safety hazard? I have heard this argument before. But if they use OSHA to ban handguns from the workplace, I’m going to argue vociferously for a similar ban on everything else: printers/copiers (VOCs), ladders (falling/dropping), cleaning supplies (all sorts of chemical hazards), and annoying pointy-haired bosses.

Screw ’em. I’ll carry one of these:


The point of OSHA was supposed to be awareness of risk, and proper use, not banning everything that frightens childish pseudo-adults.

Based on personal observations (a lot of them) of instances of violation of all four rules, I am willing to ban firearms from the Law Enforcement workplace.


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