Popcorn has never been tastier.

Every quadrennial election cycle, people complain that this one is the vilest election ever (which is tough to believe when you examine some of the 19th century elections). On the other hand…

  • A candidate who publicly admitted to thousands of felonies which, by statute, bar her from the office.
  • A man who may be ineligible for the office due to birth foreign birth.
  • There are three separate ‘Socialist’ parties running candidates.
  • An open socialist whose only steady employment in his life has been as an elected politician. But he’s an independent running as a Dim.
  • A candidate who defends himself against allegations that he didn’t stab someone.
  • A reality TV star who was pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-eminent domain, donated to Democrats is a leading Republican candidate. He wants to sue Iowa for a new ‘election’because he lost the caucus.
  • A man who thinks he should be president because his president daddy and president bro think it’s his turn.
  • The Dimwits, running two old white people, criticize the Repugnants — with a woman, a black man, and a couple of Latinos — for a lack of diversity.
  • A former Virginia governor who generally garners the reaction, “Who?”
  • A primary caucus decided by coin flip instead of re-polling until someone came up the winner.
  • A woman best known for the damage she did to a major computer company, and off-shoring or destroying thousands of jobs.
  • Former Dim President Carter is endorsing Rep Trump.
  • A candidate claims another candidate sabotaged a third candidate’s campaign by texting that he’d quit. (Which made me nostalgic for the usual New Hampshire D vs. R tactics.)
  • Trump is against immigrants taking positions from Americans, but had to import his own wives to do the job. (Apologies to whoever first publicly observed that.)
  • Canada has announced its candidacy.
  • The UK parliment debated barring Trump from the United Kingdom for his campaign rhetoric.
  • Russia’s Putin reportedly likes Trump for the job.
  • Cruz hired Bob Barr for libertarian outreach.
  • The LP currently has twelve candidates, including one with no public platform, another whose platform is ‘we should have a third party,’ some blogger who actually sounds vaguely libertarian, a clown from California in a 19th century Army uniform, and a former governor who ran and lost before.
  • There is a Prohibition Party. They want to ban alcohol, tobacco, and ‘illegal drugs’ (which I thought were banned… hence the ‘illegal’ part) because Prohibition and the War on Drugs worked so well. Oh, and they want to ban private lending, with entrepeneurs borrowing only from state banks.
  • There are at least eleven more parties who have declared candidates. Parties, not just individual independents. I’m almost afraid to see their platforms.

…this almost has to be the strangest election cycle to date, and we haven’t even had the first primary election yet.


2 thoughts on “Popcorn has never been tastier.

  1. Drang February 8, 2016 / 5:06 pm

    Former Dim President Carter is endorsing Rep Trump.
    And here I thought he was endorsing Cruz, what with that whole “Trump is malleable, Cruz has actual Constitutional principles” thing…


    • Bear February 8, 2016 / 6:07 pm

      Actually, I was trying to be funny, because some news services actually reported it as a Trump endorsement (one may have been Faux, since that’s the channel my father usually has on). Oh, well.


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