NICS Checks vs. Sales

The NSSF has adjusted the report of increased NICS checks to indicate that January sales were down, because they attribute a large proportion of the total background checks to those conducted for issuing CCW licenses.


Maybe, maybe not. I’d like to see sales reported by stores, instead of using NICS as a proxy. In December, I bought a firearm from an FFL dealer. Without a NICS check, because the Feds consider my state’s CCW license to be compliant; no NICS required if the license is presented.

In my state, like most, new CCW licenses are being issued at record numbers, and I expect those newly licensed carriers are buying guns.

Even at FFLs, NICS is a crappy sales proxy. You’d think the ‘trade association for America’s firearms industry’ could generate actual sales numbers, since FFLs have to record all transfers.


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