Bundy Ranch & Malheur NWR

I’m waiting for clarification, but…

Faux Snooze reported on the arrest of Cliven Bundy on a conspiracy to impede law enforcement charge. I first assumed that was in response to his rhetoric on the Malheur situation and his flying to Oregon in support.

But Faux reported a few minutes ago that the charge is based on the Bundy ranch standoff a couple of years back.

Now, most constitutional patriot types thought the Malheur occupation was a bad idea, tactically unwise in those specific circumstances. On the other hand, most thought Cliven Bundy was fully justified* in the ranch situation, and supported it in large well-armed numbers. If the faux report is correct, the Feds may have screwed up big time.

* It’s wise to recall that the BLM was billing Bundy under a voluntary land management program in which Bundy was not a participant, and hadn’t been for two decades.


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