Nugent: Forgiveness

Rocker Ted Nugent screwed up recently. He posted an offensive graphic that appeared to allege a Jewish/Israel gun control conspiracy, which contained other offensive tidbits in the details. A whole lot people, including the Jewish pro-RKBA group The Zelman Partisans* called him out on it.

And TZP something that no one else bothered with: They reached out to him, spoke with him. Go read.

TL;DR: Ted wanted to make the point that Jews supporting victim disarmament is crazy; a very valid point, and a view that TZP obviously shares. Unfortunately, he grabbed the first “Jewish Gun Controller” graphic he saw and ran with it before looking at exactly what he had (even I missed some of the nastier things until they were brought to my attention). This is the “Motor City Madman,”  after all. Impulsive action vies for first place (with his music) as his brand. He meant well, but screwed up.

And to make it clear: He’s now a member of The Zelman Partisans.


Welcome, Ted.

* Disclosure: I’m a member, write a little for them, and help with their newsletter.


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