If that wasn’t enough

Looking at the comments on Nicki’s article at TZP regarding Ted Nugent’s oops, it seems some people still aren’t satisfied. They’re demanding a ‘public apology’ that I think Ted has already made. As a human, and as a member of the best Jewish pro-RKBA group going in America, I was offended by the graphic he posted. And I’m satisfied that he meant no offense.

YMMV may vary. So go read this for more comments and an explicit apology from Ted Nugent.

“The road to hell is paved with political correctness and the abject denial and dishonesty that goes with it. It is a self-inflicted cancer that causes some Americans to cower in the corner, afraid to say what they really think lest they be labeled, ridiculed and scorned by political correctness goon squads whose goal is to stamp out speech and ideas that differ from their own. I’m not afraid.

“To the innocent who have been offended or hurt by something I said or wrote, please accept my heartfelt and sincere apology. My words were not, and will never be, directed at you. Only the guilty need feel guilty.”


Go read the whole column.

If you’re still offended, you may be a SJW with a pathological need to be offended, or a victim disarming wank.

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