2016 Freak Show

Two things worth reading.

Dear Establishment – I blame you!
Every year, you stick your syphilitic cocks in the faces of the voters, and you expect them to hold their noses and swallow.

No TL;DR. You should read the whole thing. I’ve said the same thing about the electorate’s sheer disgust with the party insiders, but Nicki expresses it in terms even the RNC and DNC could understand. If they gave a shit.

Should We Elect An American President?
The “Natural Born Citizen” Issue Explained
As you can see, Article II distinguishes between Citizens and natural born Citizens. Although we know the Founding Fathers used language with extreme care, this is now raising a ruckus. I’m a researcher, I’ve done the legwork, so let me set the record straight. The answers we need are right there in the historical record. This is not a judiciable matter for courts as has been recently suggested, along with other modern-day distractions and red herrings. Here’s the short version.
And now we’re at the real reason, the ugly reason, why Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the rest will not be found ineligible to become President under Article II, the one item Tokaji omitted, even though you can see they are ineligible. Because: If current candidates are officially determined to be ineligible to be President under Article II, it would mean the person currently in the office of President is ineligible for the same reason. This would lead to a constitutional crisis and charges of misprision of treason beyond anything America could withstand.

Again, you really should read the whole thing. The devil is in the details that don’t compress well into a abridged comic book version. “Natural born Citizen” had a specific meaning at law. The original draft only required a President be a “citizen.” After the committee reviewed the Law of Nations (which is documented), they revised the wording to “natural born Citizen.”

I’m sorry to admit that I was unaware of that. My previous analysis was based merely on US Code.


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