Apparently I’m a Liberal Airhead

Who knew?

I just took an online Authoritarian Personality test. I scored 2.533333333333333, and was informed that, “You are a liberal airhead.”

As you’d expect of something like this, the available choices don’t really allow for libertarian principles. Basically, it simply assumes that everyone is somewhere in the submissive-to-agressive range of authoritarianism.

FYI, I got to that silly frickin’ test via this:

Donald Trump Supporters Display ‘Authoritarian Personality,’ Psychologists Say
Authoritarian personality, a mentality closely associated with fascism and even nazism, plays a strong factor in the support for Donald Trump, according to some researchers.

While many political experts have struggled to explain the electoral success of Trump in the Republican primary, researchers like University of Massachusetts, Amherst Ph.D. candidate Matthew MacWilliams have taken a psychological approach.

I think the research says more about MacWilliams’ biases than the Trumpoids. In my nonscientific, anecdotal experience, I think most Trump supporters are either low-information voters, simply disgusted with the status quo, or figuring on what they can get out of a Trump administration.


One thought on “Apparently I’m a Liberal Airhead

  1. Eric Wilner March 15, 2016 / 3:04 pm

    At 2.6, I’m still a liberal airhead.
    Of course, if we’re pretending it’s 1946 (item #24), “liberal” is a good thing, right?


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