I shit you not

Libertarians for Trump
But, the perfect is the enemy of the good. It is our goal to throw our weight behind the candidate who has a reasonable chance of actually becoming President of the United States whose views are CLOSEST to libertarianism.

When I heard about this, my first thought was “satire.” Nope, Block appears to be serious. If it’s satire, it’s too subtle for me.

Foreign policy: Kill the families (men, women, and children) of enemy combatants to teach ’em a lesson.

Economic policy: Eminent domain is great! Tariffs, tariffs, tariffs! Force companies to work for the gov. Force companies to shift manufacturing to America.

Personal liberty: I hated guns, until I decided to run for president. Trust me; ignore those gun free zones signs on my buildings. And remember, you commoners have to use the back doors. No cabbage for you! Eminent domain is great for me; sucks to be you. And don’t you dare use your property to put up stuff I don’t like to look at.

WTF, Block? Off your meds?

Hat tip to Joel.


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