Lockdown for me but not for thee

Depending on which lamestream muddia service you check (and when) the Capitol and White House are locked down because 1) someone saw someone with a gun and a cop shot him, 2) the shooter shot a cop, 3) the cop and the shooter shot each other, 4) no cop was shot after all, 5) there was a shot but no injuries, 6) the shooter and a female civilian were wounded.

Instant 24/7 make-it-up-because-we-need-a-story-NOW news cycle at its best. Me, I’m waiting for someone to settle on one story.

What did strike me about this: (Possible) shooting at Capitol; instant lockdown to protect public servicers.

All the rest of the shootings, assaults, etc. in the rest of DC…


Why, it’s almost as if some lives matter more than others.

And yes, I need to make the obligatory observation that those weapons-repelling magical Gun-Free Zone shields must have failed. Again.

Added: Oh, yeah. The most interesting thing to come out this so far is…

Walter Cronkite is reporting for CBS. Seriously.


One thought on “Lockdown for me but not for thee

  1. MamaLiberty March 28, 2016 / 5:28 pm

    This lockdown crap gets so monotonous. I don’t even what to read any more about this if they do decide which set of lies and distortions to agree to. sigh


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