Love those headlines

Woman dies after officer-involved shooting in Gallatin
She allegedly backed him up to his vehicle while threatening him with the same axe she assaulted Pickard with.

Correction: Woman killed after attacking two officers with a frickin’ battleaxe.



But she was really a very nice lady.

“Laronda was a very sweet, caring person until you pushed her. Laronda wasn’t violent unless you made her violent. She was a good mother, she took good care of her child. Her and I had our ups and downs, but she was my only child out of five, and I love Laronda dearly,” said Sweatt.

Um… only child out of five? Only one that survived Laronda’s tantrum’s, or what?

But how dare that cop use a gun to defend himself?

“God forbid there was a stray bullet. This is just too close to home,” said Samantha Demonbreun.

A psycho running around the neighborhood with a battleaxe is just clean fun, I guess.

“Laronda didn’t like to fight. All through school the child had to fight.”

Well, she went out fighting.

Clearly, “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight” should be read as encompassing most edged weapons.


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