What difference at this point does it make?

Hillary Clinton Says ‘I Really Could Care Less’ About Donald Trump Calling Her ‘Crooked Hillary’
f Donald Trump was hoping to get a quick rise out of Hillary Clinton with a new nickname – “Crooked Hillary” – it didn’t work.

So she’s crooked. If anyone cared, and really wanted to do anything about it, they could have indicted her a year ago when she publicly admitted to thousands of office-disqualifying felonies (failing to turn over emails within 60 days). That was a clear, solid violation of law. They didn’t do it then,and they aren’t going to do anything about the classified emails found much, much later.


One thought on “What difference at this point does it make?

  1. MamaLiberty April 17, 2016 / 12:21 pm

    Which only illustrates the fact that all politicians are equally crooked and liars. Why in the world would anyone want these people to control their lives, children, health, job and property? I’ve never heard a decent excuse for any of it.


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