I don’t blame her

Woman caught on video taking bat to truck: “I told you to move”
In the clip, the woman is seen standing behind the truck and counting before taking the bat to the truck’s back tail light. She’s heard telling him, “I told you to move.”
Ray said he suspects the incident unfolded because he was sitting in his truck making calls after he filled his tank.

He admits he lost track of time, possibly staying there for about an hour.

An hour. Heck, if she crowdfunds her legal expenses, I’d consider kicking in.

I recall trying to get gas at a crowded truck stop; lines at every pump. I was up next. The idiot finished pumping and went inside, to pay I assumed.

Didn’t come back. Turns out he’d gone inside to the restaurant for lunch. A sitdown lunch. The gas pump just made a convenient parking space.

(Yeah, I managed to get into another line and fuel up eventually.)


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