Bullshit Alert

As seen at Mother Jones:

Confessions of a Gun Range Worker
I saw suicides mopped up with kitty litter, racist paranoia—and three rampage shooters.

Says the guy who won’t give his real name so any of this van be verified.

My first gun was a military surplus bolt-action, a Lee Enfield. The ATF has a category for these things: curio and relic weapons. It was the only gun that at 18 years old I could legally purchase and walk out the door with

You’d think that someone with decades in the industry would know that’s not true. And that it’s LeeEnfield.

After I turned my back to her, she put the gun behind her ear and blew a nice, clean, round hole through the center of her head.

Makes you wonder what caliber and bullet type went all the way through but didn’t blow a nasty exit hole.

Eventually the range started paying a service to come pick up the bodies and scrub everything. But before that happened, Christ, what was it? Bleach and kitty litter. I remember one time I had come in for a shift change and there was a pool of blood. We didn’t have any bleach but we did have some kitty litter.

Again, without being able to identify him and get a timeframe, one can’t help but wonder why they didn’t call the cops and let an ambulance or or coroner’s wagon take the body, and why they weren’t complying with hazmat cleanup rules. I smell bovine excrement again.

Around 2002, a middle-aged guy named Hesham Hadayet came into the range. He’d purchased a gun at a store.

Hadayet was an illegal alien who was supposed to be deported, but the feds neglected to follow up. Legally, he wasn’t supposed to be able to purchase a firearm, but the feds didn’t take away his temp green card.

Paranoid? What would you call it when people have six months worth of food?


What would you call it when people have 30-plus guns?

Collector? And isn’t this the guy who already said he couldn’t remember how many guns he’d had over the years, who financed college text books with gun sales?

A few months ago, this woman wanted to know about getting her license. I asked her, “What do you need the gun for, if you don’t mind my asking? Was there a crime?”

Some gun guy.

The gun industry could give a rat’s ass. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

I’m leaving the industry to make better money.

So… the industry is really profitable (and that’s bad), but he’s leaving to make more money (and now profit is suddenly good)?

Given his BS and the way he claims to view customers and question them, I suspect he’s leaving the industry — this, of course, is assuming he exists and is in the industry — because he was fired.

Frankly, I don’t believe a word of it. This alleged person claims this stuff happened at an Orange County range. Yet when claiming the killer Dekraai practiced at that range, he links to a “supporting document” that merely says the perp had a brochure

…for a different range in Los Angeles.

Bull shit.


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